My first high-tech job (if fixing arcade video games doesn’t count) was on a digital oscilloscope project in 1978.  The prototype sampled at an incredible 1000 MHz, one channel, and cost, I think, about $250k (add another zero for today’s dollars).  My job was simply to write a user interface to process the data.

It is the end of 2016 as I write this.  I’m retired, and bought a digital oscilloscope that samples at 48 MHz, two channels, for $70.  But the included software had some weaknesses, so I’m writing my own user interface.

Feels like old times.

About BasicScope

BasicScope is written in plain c, with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express, and the Hantek 6022BE SDK.

The philosophy of this project is to cover 95% of the author’s needs (and by proxy, hopefully 95% of other hobbyist’s needs) in an easy-to-use, consistent manner.  As such, BasicScope lacks the extended functionality of programs like Open 6022BE (respect to its author, RichardK, who wrote it 4 years ago), or even the OEM software, but what BasicScope does do, it will hopefully do well.

About the Author

Hi, I’m Roderick.  If you are reading this page, then you have already found my website, pididu.com .  I’m technically retired, but never say that I “used to be” an Engineer, any more than  a retired Marine would say they “used to be” a Marine.

Although I do write software when the need arises, I don’t think of myself as a programmer.  My formal training is in analog electronics.

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  1. dear roderick,
    i was a tek power user .. and now retired.
    just wanted to play around , so got a hantek6022bl.
    Installing the hantek driver was an experience by itself
    (what with signing / not signing ) the driver and naming ( BE/BL)
    Anyway , after thials and tribulations of loading the driver
    ( both on windows10 and XP ) , the software from Hantek/others is
    very wanting.
    After the usual route of searching on the web and trying out various
    software , I finally stumbled onto your website !!!

    I have downloaded your latest version and i must say that
    you have given me a very usable platform ( maybe without the
    bells and whistles ).

    I just wanted to say that in terms of priority,
    waveform usability is key and your software just does that
    many thanks to you .

    best wishes

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