At Anchorage Airport

EDIT: the above was sent by cell phone from the airport. We had an adventure this morning. Last night, I set the room alarm for 3:00 am. 3 hours sleep, basically. We didn’t set any other cell phones or ask for a wake-up call. I was stirring periodically in the bed, but at one point, Merrianne looked at the clock and said “4:06.” What? We had missed the 3:45 shuttle. I looked at the alarm clock, and it was armed. No idea what happened. We went down as quickly as we could, just in case, but found that the shuttle had left. The desk told us that the sheet showed no 4:45 am shuttle that morning, and that the next would be 5:45 am. No way that would work. Fortunately, there was a taxi outside, which we took to the airport. $18.50, call it $22 with tip. It was a quiet ride over, as we were so sleepy.

At the airport, there was a stuffed moose on display. That was our best picture of a moose in Alaska.


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