Photo Album: Summer Driving Trip 1999

  1. Stairs up to Moro Rock
  2. At the top
  3. Death Valley, Panamint Springs (In altitude, at dusk, about 100 degrees)
  4. Drinks with a local at Panamint
  5. Merrianne at California Hot Springs
  6. Kids at Grand Canyon
  7. Kendra's charcoal drawing at Mather campground
  8. Playing with cereal
  9. Smelling Ponderosa Pines
  10. Us overlooking the Canyon
  11. Mules (we didn't ride them)
  12. Bumper sticker in Flagstaff
  13. Gary & other friends in Phoenix
  14. Art district in Santa Fe, New Mexico
  15. Inside a AAA in Pueblo
  16. Ditto
  17. Manitou Cliff Dwellings
  18. Spacious campground at Rocky Mountain National Park
  19. Elliot clearing his nose
  20. Hike to Alberta Falls
  21. Ellen and Jake Yastrow at Laku Landing
  22. Yastrow and Young families at the lake
  23. Elliot's birthday (again) in Fort Collins, Jacob on the left
  24. The kids with Chuck E (the girl is Erin)
  25. Norris Geyser Basin, Yellowstone
  26. Lower Yellowstone Falls
  27. Old Faithful sign
  28. How we ate half our meals at camp
  29. How we ate the rest (Canyon Village)
  30. Like everyone, we had to take a picture of one of these
  31. Juntura, Oregon - The Oasis Motel and Restaurant
  32. These came rolling down the hill at us
  33. Friends at Bill and Liba's house in Albany
  34. Enchanted Forest
  35. Panning for treasure
  36. We stayed at Marybeth and Jack Longbine's house
  37. They had blueberries in the back yard
  38. Friends Mark and Kim Leighton in Beaverton
  39. A chick at Cousin Wendy's
  40. Franco the parakeet
  41. Outside Wendy's store
  42. Inside
  43. Kayaking near Day's Creek
  44. One each!
  45. Elliot found one of these
  46. The sisters set this up for our return