Photo Album: Family Events

  1. Trimming Elliot's toenails
  2. Sincere delight at Christmas 1998
  3. Elliot likes his pajamas
  4. Elliot made a tank
  5. Merrianne's birthday surprise at Petroglyphs
  6. Breakfast at a beach house
  7. Kendra on the beach nearby
  8. Kendra drawing a cartoon
  9. We at ostrich meat at the beach house, it was terrible!
  10. Terra Bella bike ride (it was cold)
  11. Cousin Ricky's birthday dinner
  12. Cousin Casey at the dinner
  13. Doves nested in the basket on our porch
  14. Elliot and Kendra, dressed up for Carolyn's 40th birthday party
  15. The kids again
  16. Lois, Carolyn, and Merrianne at the party
  17. Elliot at Sunnyvale Hands-on-the-Arts day
  18. Kendra climbing a wall - church picnic
  19. Elliot's 6th birthday party - 1 month early
  20. The 3 sisters at Easter dinner
  21. Cherries on our tree, June 1999
  22. Our neighbor Patty at Easter
  23. Elliot with his grandparents at his 6th birthday party
  24. Mushrooms are a weed in our garden
  25. Merrianne often makes potatoes for breakfast